Website Design Services


Website design may seem simple, especially with all the "do it yourself" and "do it for free" sites available on the internet today. However much more goes into creating and maintaining a great small business website that meets the eye.


Effective websites start with a good plan and strategy. Once goals are defined, and a plan is in place, it's time to begin the design stage. Good websites are a combination of clear and concise copywriting, smart typology, appropriate images, attractive layout, and the knowledge of how people interact with websites.


Some say, "It's all about the content." Although this statement is somewhat exaggerated, compelling content is imperative, and this is where many websites fall short. Good copywriting must be succinct and to the point; substance and simplicity are the guiding rules.


With very rare exceptions, a website today needs to be mobile friendly. The percentage of mobile searches continue to grow and outpace desktop and laptop usage. In 2016, Google said mobile searches outnumbered desktops. A mobile site that is easy to use and navigate are essential to most small businesses. Our website designs are responsive, adjusting to any sized screen or monitor.


Over 45% of visitors to your website judge the credibility of your business based solely on the design of your site! Professional design is an investment that creates confidence in people looking to do business with your company. Call or email us today and let's start by talking about your goals and how we can best communicate these to prospective and returning customers and clients.

Located in Grand Island, Yamhill Design serves businesses in Grand Island, Hastings, Kearney, Saint Paul, and throughout Nebraska.